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( Feb. 14th, 2008 04:13 pm)
Today I definitely shocked all my co-worker friends! *snickers* I made sure to take the time and styled my hair properly unlike yesterday when I went to visit Amberlee over at her arpartment. Yesterday did some laundry and hung out with them... But back to what has been going on today...

People at work have been shocked, and everyone here has actually rather liked the new style. They were actually more noticing the nice business attire I was wearing and semi noticed the hairstyle change afterwards. I've loved many of their reactions though... ;)

*grins and chuckles... "evily" *

It has been great just to see how people were amazed at the total change of look, though I've not been the only person to do something drastic like this. Another friend lopped off his hair here at work and I've known the guy for over 3yrs... :P Just unfortunately another older gentleman here may not be happy with me, who is a sterotypical "hippie" guy... Awesome guy, I hope to keep in touch as may see about going through him for a wolf/dog hybrid later in life...

Oh and again Happy Valentine's Day to people, to those who celebrate it or not. All it is, is just a posterboard/greeting card holiday anyway. In truth, all it is, is just another day of the week. If one wants to really celebrate being with their loved one they really don't need a certain "day" to do it, but that's my opinion. Showing someone they are loved in little ways each and every day if always something in my opinion, showing the person that they are important to you, even something as small as just communicating, but then again what do I know? :> *chuckles*
So... I did it. I went and got the haircut I was talking about previously. I made sure to get it done and didn't really tell anyone as I wanted to surprise my friends at our usual Tuesday gathering. I do have to say I think it went over well. I got one reaction that I was hoping for when Damien did a gasp and double take. Fuzzwolf was actually the first to notice. *chuckles* I plan on keeping this style around a while and when I resigned myself to going short I won't skimp on trying to make sure my hair gets trained to do this properly.

Image here as FA doesn't like embedding images.

Hope you all like! :)

P.s. I also picked up the new Blue/Black Nintendo DS! It's slick!
Well the job fair is totally over. I have some high hopes for getting some interviews from a few of these companies. One thing I know I have to do though and I had resigned myself to this fact... I'm gonna be cutting my hair and going with short hair very soon. I did ask some of the recruiters if they had a problem with men and long hair, and even if they don't have a problem with it, for the initial interview all things equal me against someone else, my long hair could be what bars me from getting the job. So... In the next few days I will just buck up and get it done, much as I'd rather not have to... :/

After the job fair I went back to my apartment and played a little Devil May Cry 4. The game is absolutely gorgeous and fun to play. I've got the entire series now as I purchased a Capcom 3pack collection of the first 3 games. I then went home to visit my parents. We had a good visit. I hadn't seen them since Christmas and had missed seeing them. We talked about the interviews and they really expressed that I should cut my hair and that was what really tipped the scales and I'm gonna do it, most likely next Tuesday. My diploma came in and part of my graduation gift from my parents was a real nice frame to put it in. So we framed the diploma and went out to get something to hang the frame. We decided on the 3M leave no mark strips, though may end up using a more traditional nail/wire to hang the frame. When it was time to leave my parents gave me stuff to take to my brother which I delivered last night after getting gas at a gas station that is right close to where his apartment is. He showed me some stuff he was working on, then I left so he could go to sleep... Then got home, chatted on the phone some and played some more DMC4.

The good thing is... I already know what kind of hairstyle I'm gonna go for when I go short. I think the style will take a little moose and teasing to pull off, but I would like to have my hair be like... this. I don't think it's very far fetched from how I kinda do my hair right now, but I'm not trying to be a "gamer geek"... I just really liked Leon's hairstyle from Resident Evil 4 (RE4). So at least you all know what I will be going to look like soon. To top it off, at some point in the near future I plan on getting LASIK and not have to wear glasses except for the 'look'.

So any thoughts on the "new look" I'm going for?

Oh... and new icon! :P


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