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( Oct. 17th, 2008 02:15 pm)
Well found something else out. If anyone tried texting me last night till my lunch break I was unable to receive text messages. I had to call AT&T to get this resolved, but I now have things working and can receive text messages!

So if anyone tried text me before now...

Please resend any texts sent to me!

I did not receive any from last night till 1pm today. :(

Thank you!

P.s. If you haven't given me your contact info please check out my previous entry. I had a phone emergency and lost a number of contacts even though the AT&T store said they transferred them all. The previous entry has screened comments if you wish to give me your number there, or message me on my IM's or email me your information ok? :)

My cellphone died. I had a Motorola Razr, and the lcd screen stopped working. I was able to dial out, but couldn't see the menu, or contacts or anything. I tried everything I knew of like unplug and plug the battery, and try to reset the phone, and couldn't get it to work. :( So I had to get a new one. I upgraded to an iPhone, since I was eligible to. I got a 8Gb one as I didn't need the 16Gb one.

Unfortunately I lost a lot of contacts even though the AT&T store said they transferred all contacts from my previous phone's memory and sim to my new phone. For those that have my tn# feel free to text or call me. When texting me please be sure to say who it is from. Especially those overseas text me please so I can get your number with proper country codes.

All others... I humbly request that my friends who do not have my telephone # and want it to give me your number and I will call/text to give you my phone # if you want.

I made one backup a while long while back but recent phone numbers like from people added this year at cons like FC, or later are not in my book. Please email me minstrelwolf [at] gmail [dot] com, or send a message here. All comments will be screened.

Thanks! :)

Hope to get in touch soon!

P.s. Now to figure this new phone out... :>
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( Feb. 10th, 2007 10:17 pm)
Hey if there are 10people out there please mail me and I'll mail you back. I'm wanting to do some of the extras and it requires you to mail to friends. My friend code for FFIII is:


Thanks very much in advance. :)

Or add your friend code here and I'll add you back.


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