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( Oct. 27th, 2008 05:45 pm)
Just got back from Oklacon! I had a lot of fun and may return again next year if able to. :) Just wanted to post that I'm back. I'll post a con report later, but I want to thank all the Oklacon staff for the fun time, and all the new furs I met! You all made it a fun experience! ^_^
I've been quite busy this past week, with getting ready for an anime convention this past weekend that was pretty good. I'll go over that in a later post. Just got done and gonna be getting back to the grind of work before the next schedule goes into effect. I found out that work tried giving me some OT, but I got out of that as I'm part time and can't do OT. ;)

In any case, I'm alive and well and hope to talk to people more as I had been very busy with work related stuff. In short I enjoyed the convention, sans one particular thing. I hope everyone else had a good week and weekend as well.
Well I want to wish [ profile] fuzzwolf a Happy Whelp Day... on his actual birthday. May you get spankings and other things you wanted. Today after work I stopped off at Best Buy and picked up Guitar Hero III for my Wii, and Bomberman Land. I love Bomberman and had to get it, now the other I know people will say... Get Rockband and all, but I don't have enough people to play with... I may get it as I could just take it over to friend's places at times, but lugging my 360 around isn't always the most fun ya know...

I did go out to eat tonight with my other roomie as kind of a late birthday thing. It was fun actually and quite enjoyable as the place we went was actually quite a nice restaurant called "La Hacienda Ranch"... It looks like they were the first to create frozen margaritas! :P I found that interesting being their claim to fame. The food was good and service was excellent. I also got a free pie for my birthday... ;) Yes I know it wasn't cake so it isn't a lie.

Just been enjoying things as they come... Oh I wanted to get to the art... I commissioned a lovely and talented artist that drew something for Amberlee and got a themed pic... I got two versions of the same pic...

Here is the first of the two. Hope you all enjoy! I know I enjoy this piece. ^_^


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