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( Jun. 12th, 2008 12:21 am)
Well I got the other guy's insurance and sure enough I figured as much... It was a kid, one who just graduated from high school, and is uninsured! :/ Imagine that... At least I have uninsured motorist insurance. I'll be having my car looked at this Friday and taken care of. This is going to be a bit of a pain. :/ *grumbles* I just hope my premiums don't go up.

I'm gonna get back to trying to make some music here now that A-kon is over... I have a few things I need to get out of my system... One of which is a song dealing with rolling waves I started a while back I need to finish... Was working on a revamp of that one, making it with a better back beat, but ultimately need to get that one fully completed... Probably should have completed that one over a year ago. *shrugs* I know one other song that I am not sure on finishing it or just outright complete besides that high seas one. This is times where songs based on emotion, or on a particular subject are so hard... *sighs* Regardless, in pretty much all of my music emotion is involved. I just really need to get back into the groove. I also have one I need to work on for my friend Auric, working on that "melancholy song" I started. I need to figure out a recurring chorus line for that song. I am going to work on some music of my own and may get back to posting some ramblings of a lone wandering wolf.

So the interview was a bust, because the company is a sham, but I am gonna work on getting another job elsewhere... Will have to see what comes my way. I'm still hoping good things come my way. I'm gonna try to remain optimistic, that's just been very hard here lately...
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( Jun. 4th, 2008 12:03 am)
This con was huge… It has certainly grown the 8yrs I have been attending it. I was looking at all my badges and I am still blown away how long I've been going to this convention! I've seen many things change, like hotels, and everything else. One thing I am not so happy about changing wise has been things dealing with costumes and weapons. I also changed how I did things at the con. I usually just "attended" and I got into dressing up and cosplaying like so many there thanks to the work of my roomie and Amberlee. I started doing that about 3yrs ago actually. It's just interesting looking back… :P Ahhh good times and stuff. That aside The long and short of it all this con was pretty good. There were over 15,000 attending here in Dallas and it seems that A-kon has gone more from an anime con to many things like Dragon Con and such…
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So there is my con report... My next update is going to be a more introspective one I do believe...
Perform this lovely piece. It is different from other things I have made... The reason being is in the description on FA, as I made this with more "major chords", and not in a minor key like most of my songs have been. I'm quite pleased with it, and the other song I posted yesterday.

Please let me know what you all think on both songs as I would love the feedback... I'm slowly getting better playing wise, and getting to know and understand how to record with my mac and garage band. Perhaps I'll find another music instrument pack to add to this... Who knows... I hope to get lots better in music making as well... Hopefully maybe... getting somewhat close to Foxamoore's level on FA...

I envy many other people's skills like for spinning poi... and in music creation... It helps me with wanting to improve myself and reach for higher heights... So here's to continuing to work and get better, and I have also printed a lot of music for the AME stuff I'm gonna be working on for Project A-kon... I'm gonna have to check and see if I can hit some of the VERY low notes that were on the cello parts... it's been months since I've practiced...

Also, yesterday had a nice lunch with family as my little brother was in town, along with his wife, and then hung out with the usual Tuesday group. I may hang out with my brother late, not sure...
Play some funky music! *chuckles*

Well I didn't play anything 'funky' in my opinion, but after getting some help from [ profile] regek (Dylan) I got my music keyboard hooked to my mac and some cables that Amberlee advised I get and can now make some music quite easily with Garage band! ^_^

I am thinking of perhaps doing weekly "ramblings"... Perhaps going like 5 - 10 minutes straight... even with mess-ups and see what I can create as most of my songs and good melodies get spurned from ramblings. So... without further ado...

Nameless Song #1 of 2008, with more to come soon hopefully...

I know this will make some happy and I need to try to let the real minstrel out who has not made music or really who hasn't recorded music in quite some time... I need to set the music free, especially the music in my heart, as my moods and emotions really do change how my music flows... This can easily be told by one of my first songs that has a title "Heart of Frost and Ice", and is actually one of the 'completed' songs... I plan on making more and possibly actually getting around to getting them "finished"...

Hope you all enjoy... Comments/critiques welcome.
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( Feb. 17th, 2008 02:45 pm)
The past few days have just been fairly regular actually. Received some stuff I ordered from ebay, and did receive something from a new friend made @ FC. I was a little surprised especially considering only barely meeting the person. Though FC was truthfully the first time for me meeting quite a few people who I definitely hope to keep in better touch with and get to know better friend wise and such.

Yesterday was just another "SSDD" at work... I don't look forward to coming in, and things like that. The only "good" thing you could say was that my direct supervisor called me in for a "coaching" going over my month's stats, and looks like I'm doing well actually. Looks like I've been bringing down my AHT (average handle time), but still not happy about how work has been in general. I don't like the idea of having to brush off customers and get them off the phone in 13min. or less. At least it was a bit over an hour off the phones and we did talk about some interesting philosophical/religious stuff... Anything to keep off the phones... I so am looking forward to hearing back and getting interviews from companies I put my resume in with at the recent job fair I was at. I at least have one interview with one of the companies on campus February 26th. If they are the only ones offer me a job right here quick... I'd take it in an instant just to get away from my current dead end job...

I spent last night after work with friends at the usual movie meet that I've not really been able to attend with my current crappy work schedule. We watched Casino Royale. It was good hanging and being social on a Saturday night. Did get to speak lots with Amberlee on a few things. After the movie we did watch an awesome music video, and then I went home and played a bit more Lost Oddysey. If any of you are RPG fans and have a 360 I'd advise getting the game.

Other than that, can't wait for my "weekend"... I'm not sure about looking forward to Tuesday or not though... :P No real plans or anything... My schedule kinda makes things hard to plan around anyway, as does my brother's school schedule.
I know I haven't posted anything with real substance so here has been what's been up with this wolf... I know the past few days I haven't really posted anything of note except for a few birthday posts. I've been kinda busy. I'm getting ready for FC, and been dealing with work and stuff. Yesterday went out with Stargazer and went car shopping with him. He's been looking at a Jeep Compass which looks nice and I could tell he really liked the car from the get go when he got in the driver's seat. Just little things like him touching the console, and stuff told me a lot. I guess buyer behavior class wasn't a waste! :P I also spend time with the usual Tuesday crowd which was nice. We watched some strange British comedies like Black Books (I believe it is called) and Spaced (which is quite weird).

Today I woke up late after being very late talking with a very close friend. Other than that hopes that I've had for 2008 being great have kinda been slightly dashed... With thoughts on the horizon of the homestead and company I've been living with for the past few years, and some other recent developments. I don't have really high hopes right now for 2008. I can't wait for FC though, as that will help being around friends and having fun because right now I definitely don't feel like a strong wolf. The past year I've just been living life as it comes... Just hoping for things to get better. I know that it will, eventually in time.

Songs can speak volumes and listening to them can evoke emotions, sometimes very powerful ones. Sometimes I guess I'm a romantic at heart... I at times have had a tendency to try holding onto things even long after things have been over. Hoping and dreaming... Hoping, even when the chances are slim... This is true friend wise as well as relationship wise. Here and there though, a few of my friends have said I have been a little 'bitter' or jaded lately. In truth perhaps I have been, because of all that has happened. I learned a lot, some very painful lessons of that to be sure. I've been kinda closed off and definitely not sure on letting anyone or anything that close to me again. I don't even know what I want, or what would really make "me" happy... I thought I did. I'm working on this, as it takes time.

This song goes out to all of you who have had friendships and even relationships. Here's to those of you in a relationship, if there is deep love there, even though there may be troubles, don't let those destroy what you have. Things can be worked out, even in trying situations. Just don't lose sight or lose hope...

In truth memories both good and bad are what help shape who and what we are. I will always treasure those that have touched my life, as some really special friends have been such a great bastion of strength for me.

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In the end I don't really now feel these lyrics are proper, but wanted to post them as this was an extra track on a CD I recently got. I meant to post these lyrics before, but now is as good a time as any, though the music in my heart has changed some. This song came from a single CD as a bonus to the one song I wanted "Rule the World" by Take That, that was the final song from the movie Stardust. I currently don't feel like I can rule the world, but that will change in time. The world is not full of storm clouds and there are silver linings, even then... It just sometimes takes a while to see that things aren't that bad. As such life continues it's never ending flow, and we must all move forward...
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( Dec. 28th, 2007 01:06 am)
I just got back from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert here in Dallas and all I have to say is that from last year when I saw it to this year it is even better than last year. I hear though from [ profile] teirandragon that he liked the light rigging from the first year he saw it. In any case the rigging in my opinion from last year to this year had a major upgrade with real neat LED light boards and even floor stuff that changed with some backgrounds. They still had pyrotechnics and even had a mini firework display at the end. They even said they had a guy from the band Queen there which was really awesome! I am so glad I went and it was lots of fun, minus the tiny little episode we had getting food before the concert. The 8 of us loved the show. If anyone hasn't seen one of their concerts live I highly recommend it!

G'night Everybody!
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( Dec. 18th, 2006 03:33 pm)
Well that's the best way to describe things. The concert on Saturday night was absolutely fan-bloody-tastic! It was amazing to say the least. I missed going last year and am so glad that I went this year. Major thanks to [ profile] fuzzwolf for arranging and getting all our tickets and seats all together. I would've gone last year, but I worked during the time that the last concert was which rather sucked, but meh... Besides the music the visuals of the show, lasers, fire, and everything... The show just totally ROCKED! I can't wait to go to another Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert! Getting there was a bit of a pain with Dallas's one way streets and there was tons of traffic and cops directing the flow of traffic, after the show getting out of the parking garage sucked too... Some lady in a mercedes tried being a real b*tch but I didn't let her get in front of me... I hate how some people try to take any 'tiny' amount of space you put between yourself and the person in front of you and someone will try to wedge themselves into it. After the concert we hung out at Fuzz's for a while and then I went home.

Sunday I didn't really do too much it was my day off and I spent it trying to recover. My voice again is having a bit of a relapse... I feel fine, just my voice is not so good. I went to the doctor today and got some medication and hope that it will be fixed up ASAP. Oher than that nothing much up today. Actually I do need to contact UNT and get my grades that I need to send off to Verizon for the tuition assistance program.

I also picked up my brother from the airport last night as he went off to visit some friends for this weekend and for how short of notice for flying I'm suprised how good a deal my bro got for plane tickets.

Well Christmas is almost upon us once again... I wish all of you a happy holidays!
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( Dec. 16th, 2006 05:20 pm)
Well work today has been really sucky, and at one point we even had call ques in the 40's which really sucks. *grumbles* Last night I talked some with [ profile] thegreenarcher which was nice after working out and stuff. Worked out with my roomie and ate dinner at Cici's. I was called pretty much at the end of dinner which wasn't so bad, it was mostly Rick who wanted to hang with Teser as he and I recently hung out and ate at Golden Corral on like Thursday.

I did a few errands Thursday like mail off some letters, and a package. I also got a haircut and purchased a wireless router in preparation for getting a Wii and also to be able to play my new black Nintendo DS lite via the internet. I recently got some games via ebay Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. I also got with that the 20th Anniversary collector's edition as I didn't have a DS before and stuff I didn't know about Portrait of Ruin and the special edition if you pre-ordered you get some very special stuff like a music cd with video game music spanning the 20years that the Castlevania franchise has been going on. *chuckles* It is one of the longest standing franchises of games ever.

Well enough on geeking out on games... I can't wait for work to be over as I am going out to a concert. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is playing tonight and along with [ profile] fuzzwolf and a number of other friends we bought tickets in advance and I missed out on last year's show and can't wait to be there for this year as I heard how awesome last year's event was. :)
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( Dec. 6th, 2006 10:35 am)
My friend [ profile] navajo showed me a vid put up on youtube with me playing piano while in suit. He took some video of me as well, and I know that others took some video of me doing this. I didn't do it all that often, but it was very fun while doing it, though I did mess up here and there which annoyed me. I am very critical of myself even when not in suit on when I play music and mess up. Here for your viewing entertainment... :)
(There's more than just me in this video! :P)

Voice still not 100%, though hopefully I can make it a whole 10hrs and stuff... If not I may ask to go offline again to save my voice. Enjoy everyone.
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( Apr. 8th, 2006 01:04 am)
While out with my parents on Sunday I found that they picked up a CD by a new artist James Blunt and his album Back to Bedlam. I've heard his song "You're Beautiful" on the radio quite a lot and had actually been contemplating buying the album. They made me a copy and all I have to say is that this guy is definitely high ranking on my favorite artists. Throughout the past month music wise I've been listening to a semi steady progression of artists. First I was listening to M2M, and some Kelly Clarkson, steadily progressing to less sad music. A lot of times when I'm driving home from work I usually listen to Delilah and enjoy the theme of her little radio show... Mostly it's about romance and love and stuff like that. She plays lots of love songs and things like that. Yea I'm a sucker for that and try to be the romantic one when it comes to relationships. I've just not been able to listen to her show much lately...

Well I'm rambling there... Basically I've definitely been enjoying listening to James Blunt and I'll be posting lyrics from some of his songs here and there. Other artists we well like Enya... This one song about friends just kinda struck me at the moment... I'll put the lyrics behind a cut. Been trying again creating music and have started on that music trade with that person from FA and stuff like that.Read more... )

Dealing with everything as of late. I do have some real good friends, and without them this upward battle would've taken much longer. Granted here and there I've had my own boughts of depression and stuff I'm still healing. I'm over things for the most part, and trying to move forward. When I look at things in some cases I have been somewhat blessed even when things haven't gone according to plan relationship wise... At least with things as they have been with others we have still been able to remain friends with most of the people I've been with previously. That at least has been some comfort as I still love and care for these individuals as they are much closer to me than just the regular or close friend. Still want them in my life, even if it isn't as mates and such. Though sometimes I just need a little reassurance that everything will be ok, and that the bonds of friendship are still strong after one phase of the relationship ending and going back a step. That our friendship is important to them. Because it is to me...


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