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( Mar. 18th, 2008 10:16 am)
To my very good friend [ profile] teirandragon! :P Hope work doesn't treat you bad. I'm listening to the sound of rain outside my window which is very pleasant. I'm gonna be recording some music and do have at least one idea rolling around in my head... I may pull out another 5minute rambling of stuff as well. I have the next two days off after this so I'm gonna enjoy myself... Take it easy and also get some cleaning done too.

I enjoyed my own 'lil' St. Patrick's at home last night, did have a friend over, watched a movie, and I had me a green mixed drink, along with some rum, and I'll need to nip into the Bailey's mint chocolate that I picked up too. I didn't get drunk or buzzed like I know a lot of people do, but did enjoy myself. I hope everyone else had fun too!

Oh and new music for you all to hear and lemme know what you think... I know circa 21seconds I made a boo-boo, but I kept on with the recording. :P
khyle: (Keyboard Love)
( Mar. 11th, 2008 10:57 am)
I started off at first trying to make music for my friend Auric, but then a bug bit me and I had to pump this out of my system... A piece of music from Megaman X4. I hope you all enjoy. Please let me know what you all think. I know some it is a little over-synthed... but considering the song I think it works ok. I know I made some little "slips", but this was the best recording out of all my playing and I decided to post it even with the little mess ups. Like with my ramblings as long as I can make a "mistake" sound ok in my books it can be overlooked.

Be sure to lemme know what you all think, either here or comment in my FA! Any criticism is welcome!


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