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( Apr. 10th, 2008 11:13 am)
Not sure on some things, but here is at least one more public post before I put things "friends only" and possibly take a hiatus for a while...

I'm gonna be part of the Fursuit Tournament this year... Starting today or this afternoon they will be putting up the vote. A friend of mine [ profile] darkentiger entered me into this thing and I was actually quite flattered by it. I hope to do well, but then again I wasn't sure if I should remove myself from this tournament like another friend of mine did... I decided "what the heck" and see what happens. I am not gonna let this tournament though soil my feelings as if I don't do well... It doesn't really matter... I know who I am, and who my friends are. Those kinds of things won't change at all.

In any case I have an interview later today and will see what this 6m corporation has in the way of marketing positions. I also mailed back some pants I got in from ebay that didn't fit, took my roomie to to a toyota dealership, and deposited some money into an IRA of mine for the 2007 tax year. I didn't deposit a LOT because I will be getting LASIK right soon here... I was gonna see if I could get it on Monday 4/21, but not able to... Ah well... I also recently as of Tuesday had a good long talk with someone very dear to me. I rearranged the errands I was going to run that day, so as not to be busy, because that person is important to me. All in all had a good talk over many things... Still wishing things were "better", aired a number of things, got a number of things off my chest... I think we came to few new understandings on things, but will have to see what happens.

Last night had [ profile] celyddon over and did have at least one good trial spinning with fire, though the weather was against us. I'm still trying to learn new moves and will focus on that and some with some music. I recently picked up a duffel bag and lots of stuff necessary for spinning fire, including: water bottle - to spray hair, a blanket/towel, fuel, a can to soak the poi with fuel, and a funnel for getting fuel back into the can that is unused. I may invest in other things, but currently waiting for my new poi to arrive. I think I also need to get with flowtoys to get some new lights from them and see about selling some of my glow stuff.

I know I haven't been online much and want to say to everyone I've been busy... Just dealing with a lot of things. Some may already know what with, but a lot of things have been actually trying to find a job and I have one interview with a corporation 6M that I put in a resume with so wish me luck there. :)
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( Feb. 7th, 2007 06:51 pm)
The people at my apartment's front office kinda know me on site and semi personally especially one lady by the name of Tamara. I go to the front office quite regularly to pick up packages as I do tend to buy a lot of items online through Ebay and other online stores. It seems I get the most packages out of anyone in the entire two complexes that this front office handles. :P *chuckles* I recently got a special collector's edition of a cd by Enya. Yea I know... I already owned the cd, but I am a big fan and if I had known about this collector's edition I would have bought it instead of the regular cd. I know there is another collector's edition the Only Time Collection that I'm thinking about getting, but not just yet...

I just received in the mail my new cellphone and when I get home it's "playtime" to try to get it working and figure out all the fun and cool new stuff with this new phone. I know it's european, but I bought it off ebay and it's unlocked and says it will work with Cingular so that's why I got it... It's a real neat samsung phone. The first cellphone I ever owned was a Samsung from Sprint. I used to have a big preference for Samsung's as I loved the 3500 that I had. I was at one point with Verizon for cellphone service before color screen phones came out I had another Samsung phone, and still do actually! :P It's in a drawer of my desk. *chuckles* Since then with Cingular I've owned a Nokia, one Samsung (that I didn't like as it wasn't a flip phone and returned it), and two different Motorola phones. I do hope this phone works out well.

I haven't received my schedule for next week yet... :/ *grumbles* Well I do hope that it is about the same as this week's.


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