I know my last post was mostly fluff, but here is a regular post on what things have been going on here lately. Oh and check out my Fur Affinity account as one of the recent submissions is in reference to my previous talk like a pirate day post about some, visual "treasure". Had photos taken by Regek near my apartment at the lake, trying to make a RL version of a pic I had commissioned a few months ago.

Truthfully... everything else in life? Not a whole lot out of the ordinary. Things are ok. Nothing worthy of note... I wake up, go to work, go home, and the regular routine there. Still looking for another job. I'm going to again revamp my resume again, but current work schedule 8am - 5pm makes interviews kinda hard to schedule. Speaking of jobs and interviews Celyddon got a new job and recently had a friend gathering to wish her well with this new job. On the homestead side, I recently visited my folks with my brother as it had been over a month since seeing them and had a good visit. I have also hung out with the local group of friends here and things like that.

I haven't been able to work out here recently like I've been wanting to as our apartment's agreement with the gym we've been using expired. The gym went 24/7 and there are times it is unstaffed which made our apartment not sure if they wanted to continue their relationship with the gym. So what this means is either go find another gym, sign up as a regular member to the current gym, or just do some workout stuff around the apartment, like a situp, pushup, and that kind of routine. Maybe our apartment will get another workout room... Hopefully some decent equipment and not let kids ruin the stuff and keep tighter security. Means I don't have to leave the complex to workout. :P

One gathering of note was a recent party held at Damien's apartment. The place was packed! Lots of friends, new and old. Lots of fun was had. We were also kinda wishing Spike a fond farewell as he is moving away from Texas (but hopefully only for a little while). He's moving for some good reasons, job & to be with someone. I wish the best of luck there. In the end the party was much fun and next time I'm going to bring my fursuit. :P One other person brought theirs and I'm gonna bring mine next party. This should definitely be interesting. ^_^

I also recently got some new toys from flowtoys to play with. I got a set of crystal poi with flow handles and another set of handles to interchange if I don't want light up handles. I'm still working on trying to get some behind the back stuff, and with Celyddon was teaching my brother the other day as well.

My Xbox360 had problems and I had to send it off to be fixed. I should have done like what Loiosh said and said it was 3red rings, but I didn't... :/ Ah well it's gonna get fixed that's what matters. I've got other things to enjoy besides video games and whatnot.

Con wise I find that I might possibly be able to go to Oklacon, but that depends on rooming arrangements and riding stuff to and from the convention. It would be my first time there at that con. MFF is still a go and I used some of my airline miles for a free trip so all is good. The outdoors stuff definitely appeals to me as I have another friend of mine wanting me to go to Feral. There are some others starting up a new outdoors kind of con in 2009 that people are wanting me to attend as well.

Not much else really... No real big news.
I got the poi I ordered from Home of Poi yesterday! ^_^ I ordered a pair of "cone" poi that have some quick links along with a special that was going on with a pair of fire poi that also came with some blue LED balls that I am gonna use in my white socks as the current blue LED poi balls that I have one of them is having technical problems with a contact that I'm not sure how to fix.

I'm working on moves like flowers and trying to get some behind the back moves. I still have much envy of friends like [livejournal.com profile] celyddon, [livejournal.com profile] uckticoonox, and [livejournal.com profile] tealstorn. I want to get better as well as some of the other people I saw at FC like some who were doing that workshop that I attended. I plan on working more on poi as well as getting off my duff and working on music for A-Kon... I will admit some to being a little lazy, but have been busy with other stuff that IMOP is more important like looking for job and a few other personal things.

We had some very bad storming Wednesday night and lots of people were without power yesterday and still some today. I do hope to actually "break in" my new fire poi here soon... Perhaps within the next few days, or maybe next Wednesday at that club.

I think the interview yesterday went ok, hope to hear back from 6M, though I also found that in the same set of suites there is another marketing firm called Bullet Marketing and I may applying there. I also had my brother over and we had a good time playing some RockBand and Brawl. We talked over a few things as well on some of the current happenings. Depending on some things though I may as I stated before take a bit of a hiatus from LJ and things of that nature... Got a number of things I should really be worrying about more, though if people want to keep in touch I'm always here for them. :)

Oh and I wanted to also wish an awesome fox by the name of [livejournal.com profile] aerofox! I hope you have lots of fun and enjoy yourself! *hugs*


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