Or... MUZZLE BONKAH, I should say... *snickers*

I was just pointed to this video yesterday that was posted and had to show it to the rest of you... I'll post a second video showing where I got my idea for the title of this post. Here is a video that isn't like the kind of cute you get from seeing puppies and kittens, but is cute none-the-less.
It's hard to see what I'm doing while in suit and moves like that and the butterfly I have to just go by feel as I can't see in the middle where my muzzle is. It's still cute the sound effects and editing that went into this video! ;)

Oh and here is another classic video from long ago. I consider it a classic in my opinion.
I was just sent these pics from Tommy via a link. He said he'd be taking down the pics so I made sure to dload all of them, including the ones with my friend who was spinning the fire staff.

Check out all the fun I had with fire!!!

I hope you all enjoy! ^_^ I do plan on spinning more fire soon!
khyle: (Sexy Wolf)
( Dec. 3rd, 2007 03:02 am)
YAY!!! A friend I met at the con sent me some videos. I believe this is the best one out of the bunch. I tried doing some hyper loops and stuff in a couple other videos and just haven't gotten the knack of it while in suit. I need to practice more and get even better as I'm not at the level I wanna be. I'm farther than I was a year ago though. :)

If anyone else has pics or vids, please send them my way!
My friend [livejournal.com profile] navajo took videos of me while in fursuit at the dance and put them up on youtube! :P *chuckles* I will need to do a bit more practicing though... That was the first time I tried doing that while in suit. ^_^ I plan on getting better and do more tricks. I would love to see how I looked especially playing the piano while in suit. ;)

Check me out!



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