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( Jan. 29th, 2007 03:25 pm)
Man... I have really been hating how much I've been having to get on people's @$$es on going to part time status. I know all my friends are telling me just to "get the heck out of dodge" but I guess I'm a bit of a glutton for punishment and should just do that. Today finally one of the managers got HR back and I spoke with them and sent off a form. The part time will go into effect next week for 2/4/07 and I will see a change in my schedule to reflect that accordingly. This week though looks like I'm still a bit hosed which rather sucks. *grumbles* I'm willing to stick this out just a wee bit longer as I found out that if I were to just up and quit through Verizon's HR it is very hard to get re-hired back into the company and after obtaining my degree I was actually looking partly at trying to come back.

So I'll stick this week out, see what next week's schedule will be like and the week after that's schedule. If nothing else I still have the option of the "Educational Leave of Absence" that I am highly considering... It is so VERY very tempted just to do that and not even bother with going part time... *hruffs*

Well people have really atm been bending over backwards for this and I am going to at least try to make a go of it, but as I said if all else fails I still have my last trump card.
Well I looked at college and scheduling and looks like I can consolidate all my classes for Tuesday/Thursday for this semester. I am going to talk once again with the manager over RMG and scheduling and see about dropping to part time and what can be done about the overtime situation. I may be working a lot of 6pm - 10pm shifts, or they would stick me in "where they need me" which would be annoying, but as long as I get Tuesday/Thursday off and am working less than I am right now that would be fine and I would keep my tenure with Verizon. I know people are wanting me to just up and quit, and if things don't go right I definitely will. I just would like to keep a very good paying job, drop my hours and still go to school.

RMG has done it once again though in screwing up schedules... This week my schedule is as follows.

  • Thursday: 3:00pm - 1:30am (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)

  • Friday: OFF

  • Saturday: 9:15am - 7:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)
I am also thinking of going to the "doctor" and getting a "doctor's note" to see about getting out of mandatory OT as I know others have for some medical reasons, and others I think not so... I will see how a couple weeks of part time go, especially after FC and then if needs be will quit, but I may quit sooner depending on things after getting with the manager over RMG here.


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