That's how I've felt the past couple of days actually. Only slightly, nothing major like high fever or anything that I guess would keep me from work. I woke up yesterday feeling like there was some 'fluid' or something in my ear that I couldn't get out no matter how I moved my jaw or anything... I hadn't showered yet, or did I the previous night... Well I would have felt water in my ear after a shower... Which I felt was quite odd. I started right off the bat nursing this with Germ MD, and Echinacea Wellness Tea, but starting this morning with a bit of a sore throat I bought some cough drops like Hall's and Luden's... So the throat isn't in pain. The ear still feels "off" and I don't have a fever...

I'm gonna go to Prima Care on Main St. and see what can be done so I can kick this before anything bad really happens. I feel I already have a good start on this, but with the ear still feeling "off" as I said... it just is an annoyance that I'd rather have looked at, especially to make sure it's nothing serious.

Oh yea and Smash Brothers Brawl is very cool... I'm working on the single player and gonna add a few more of my friends codes that I was given so I can begin playing people online. ^_^ This is gonna be so much fun!
Here is my information that people may want if you would like to add me as a wii friend and play smash bro's.

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Eep... forgot the screener at first... Sorry! :>


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