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( Mar. 12th, 2008 08:21 am)
After work on Monday I went to Prima Care near where I live to have the doctor give me a once-over. Seems even though I didn't feel I had a fever it was around 99 something, he saw some inflammation in my throat, and what I mentioned about my left ear. He prescribed some antibiotics which I've been diligently taking for the past two days, as well as I've still been taking Germ MD, drinking echinacea tea, and Mucinex.

I got home, after stopping off at CVS to pick up my drugZ ;P, and picked up a few other sundries... Made myself some tea and got quite a surprise when coming back to my living room at one point to find a certain fox named Lhexa sitting on my couch! I hadn't heard him come in, knock, or anything... It was quite a pleasant surprise I'll say that much... I think he got in as Guardian gave him a key a little while back. It was awesome having him here in the apartment once again. We talked a nice bit, I had some ramen, and took the antibiotics I was prescribed (as it says to take with food), and we talked a nice bit before my roommates got home. He spent the night as well.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, truth be told. Woke up, had some cereal, talked some with Lhexa and said goodbye to Guardian as he left for work. Had a nice talk via AIM with Damien actually, which was nice. Played some SSB:B (Super Smash Brothers: Brawl), some alone, and some battling against Lhexa, and did some of the single player cooperatively which was fun. Lhexa hadn't eaten, and before he arrived I had made plans with Amberlee to join her for a late lunch/dinner... So... I surprised her with bringing the fox along! :P So I was continuing to surprise people with bringing him along, even to the regular Tuesday meet. On our way out there I almost forgot my medication so we had to travel back to the apartment and ended up being a little later than I previously anticipated getting to the Italian restaurant. We had a good bit of conversing and generally fun conversations and realizations... Then after eating (and me medicating), we went to the usual Tuesday meet, albeit a bit early, but it was good to get there early and had a good time talking with Teiran & Fuzz (when he arrived home) before anyone else got there. Others started arriving, starting with Diddy (who I teased a bit by opening the door, hiding behind it so he couldn't see who opened the door), and then others started arriving like Damien, Sairo, Zapnut, Rei, Dylan, and unfortunately Savrin ended up being late due to his car having troubles, but he made it and all was good. We had fun playing some SSB:B and conversing... I think we played the game a little 'too' much as I would've preferred a bit more general talking, but everyone else seemed to have fun.

Then I took Lhexa home and crashed soon after, but not before having some tea. The only 'bad' thing that really wasn't so bad all throughout the day was that people were making me laugh up a storm, causing me to almost hack up a lung! :P *snickers* Not so much a bad thing at all as it did help me get my throat, lungs, and other passages free from mucus. :P I just had to also have a cough drop in the evening to help soothe my throat after so much hacking. :P

Today... I don't have anything planned at all. I think I'll get a $10 quarter roll for doing laundry and get that done... I know Lhexa will be going out and about and I do hope to have my brother over to enjoy battling him in brawl... I also need to get online and battle lots of my friends too! :P


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