khyle: (Smell the Roses)
( Nov. 27th, 2008 08:25 am)
Doesn't keep the doctor away, but is a good start to this holiday! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving that celebrate it. I will be heading off to enjoy time with my family followed by a gathering of friends at my apartment later this evening. I wish those who are traveling a safe and pleasant journey. Be sure to enjoy yourselves and the company therein. I know I'm thankful for those close to me.

I also want to wish a belated birthday to thanksgiving whelps like [ profile] farraptor, [ profile] akseawolf, and [ profile] goggremlin. I know a lot of you I wished it in person and others I've missed here in LJ as I've not been very diligent in posting.

All in all I hope everyone has a great holiday and with Christmas coming up hope things go well there too.

**EDIT**: I also wish to give a Happy Hyena Day to [ profile] baja_hyena! :)
khyle: (Glasses)
( Nov. 23rd, 2007 02:41 am)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all had a great one. I kinda get two... I had one with friends Thursday, and will be spending time with family today. I will post about my MFF trip. I do hope that I get to see pics of me while dressed as Jack Sparrow, and hopefully vids of me spinning and the FVS (Furry Variety Show) that was done of Friday.

Be well and don't shop too hard today ok! :P

Oh... and happy hatching day to my great dragon friend... [ profile] goggremlin!!! :)


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