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( Dec. 28th, 2007 01:06 am)
I just got back from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert here in Dallas and all I have to say is that from last year when I saw it to this year it is even better than last year. I hear though from [ profile] teirandragon that he liked the light rigging from the first year he saw it. In any case the rigging in my opinion from last year to this year had a major upgrade with real neat LED light boards and even floor stuff that changed with some backgrounds. They still had pyrotechnics and even had a mini firework display at the end. They even said they had a guy from the band Queen there which was really awesome! I am so glad I went and it was lots of fun, minus the tiny little episode we had getting food before the concert. The 8 of us loved the show. If anyone hasn't seen one of their concerts live I highly recommend it!

G'night Everybody!
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( Dec. 18th, 2006 03:33 pm)
Well that's the best way to describe things. The concert on Saturday night was absolutely fan-bloody-tastic! It was amazing to say the least. I missed going last year and am so glad that I went this year. Major thanks to [ profile] fuzzwolf for arranging and getting all our tickets and seats all together. I would've gone last year, but I worked during the time that the last concert was which rather sucked, but meh... Besides the music the visuals of the show, lasers, fire, and everything... The show just totally ROCKED! I can't wait to go to another Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert! Getting there was a bit of a pain with Dallas's one way streets and there was tons of traffic and cops directing the flow of traffic, after the show getting out of the parking garage sucked too... Some lady in a mercedes tried being a real b*tch but I didn't let her get in front of me... I hate how some people try to take any 'tiny' amount of space you put between yourself and the person in front of you and someone will try to wedge themselves into it. After the concert we hung out at Fuzz's for a while and then I went home.

Sunday I didn't really do too much it was my day off and I spent it trying to recover. My voice again is having a bit of a relapse... I feel fine, just my voice is not so good. I went to the doctor today and got some medication and hope that it will be fixed up ASAP. Oher than that nothing much up today. Actually I do need to contact UNT and get my grades that I need to send off to Verizon for the tuition assistance program.

I also picked up my brother from the airport last night as he went off to visit some friends for this weekend and for how short of notice for flying I'm suprised how good a deal my bro got for plane tickets.

Well Christmas is almost upon us once again... I wish all of you a happy holidays!
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( Dec. 16th, 2006 05:20 pm)
Well work today has been really sucky, and at one point we even had call ques in the 40's which really sucks. *grumbles* Last night I talked some with [ profile] thegreenarcher which was nice after working out and stuff. Worked out with my roomie and ate dinner at Cici's. I was called pretty much at the end of dinner which wasn't so bad, it was mostly Rick who wanted to hang with Teser as he and I recently hung out and ate at Golden Corral on like Thursday.

I did a few errands Thursday like mail off some letters, and a package. I also got a haircut and purchased a wireless router in preparation for getting a Wii and also to be able to play my new black Nintendo DS lite via the internet. I recently got some games via ebay Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. I also got with that the 20th Anniversary collector's edition as I didn't have a DS before and stuff I didn't know about Portrait of Ruin and the special edition if you pre-ordered you get some very special stuff like a music cd with video game music spanning the 20years that the Castlevania franchise has been going on. *chuckles* It is one of the longest standing franchises of games ever.

Well enough on geeking out on games... I can't wait for work to be over as I am going out to a concert. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is playing tonight and along with [ profile] fuzzwolf and a number of other friends we bought tickets in advance and I missed out on last year's show and can't wait to be there for this year as I heard how awesome last year's event was. :)


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