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( Mar. 14th, 2007 11:30 am)
Well I bought more games for my Wii, but what I really want is Wii Play to get an extra wiimote, but seems that game is as scarce as getting a system. Heck just buying a wiimote by itself is not an easy task as they are hard to find too. I personally feel Sony is going to be the one to fail here in this console ware as no one can seem to keep enough Wii's in stock and stuff. So now I have a decent amount of games, though I do plan on getting a couple games just for parties like Rayman, and Wario, but since I've played both those before over at other's places I haven't picked them up. I'm gonna wait for the price to go down.

I think I did fine on my midterm yesterday and I'm taking another midterm today after work with my group for a different class. I'm also going to be creating a power point presentation for the class that I just had my midterm in yesterday. Got a few things to do after work today. Once I'm done I got something for my Professional Development class that is easy but wanna get this taken care of first.

Other than that? *shrugs* Nothing much... I haven't been online much. I've just kinda been avoidant of online. I've also just been busy with school. Hell Monday night I pulled almost an all nighter studying and working on my CRM group project. I dun wanna pull one of those again very soon. I got a decent amount of sleep last night though. I may not be able to work out today, but school is more important than one workout.

Well enough of my fingers flapping... Talk at you all laters.
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( Mar. 10th, 2007 02:24 pm)
A friend of mine at work got a Wii yesterday after work at a local Sam's Club, and told me they had like 4 when he bought his. I called that same one and they have 2 left and was able to get them to hold one for me! ^_^ I am borrowing my friend's Sam's club card as I don't have a membership and am going to buy me a Wii!!! ^_^

For those of you who already have Wii's, gimme yer friend codes here and I'll post my friend code later and will have to have tons of Wii-fun! :)

    EDIT: I got my wii and two games, Zelda (of course), and Avatar. I plan on picking up the Sonic game, possibly DBZ Tenkachi, Raving Rabids, and especially when I can get my hand on it Wii Play for the extra Wiimote. So please gimme all yer friend codes... I can't get one yet as I can't get the internet setup on the Wii till my roomie helps with setting it on our network as it is a very sophisticated network setup.


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