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( Sep. 5th, 2008 10:55 am)
I have my new work schedule for the next couple months (till I find another job). I like the hours, though wish I was working a little later. This is going to make scheduling interviews a little hard, but at least I will be able to work out at the gym on a better basis. I also get 1 hour lunches instead of 30 minutes. I at least still keep my weekends off. ^_^

  • Sunday: OFF

  • Monday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

  • Tuesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

  • Wednesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

  • Thursday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

  • Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm

  • Saturday: OFF
I personally would prefer a 10am - 7pm shift because now I'm gonna have to deal with traffic, but ya have to take the good with the bad. I haven't gotten any calls or interviews since Traveler's Insurance had a phone interview with me a while back... :/ *grumbles* Ah well... cest la vie. I still gotta keep trying and stuff.
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( Jun. 7th, 2008 02:18 pm)
Work today was horrid right from the get go. When I first got in @ 8am, we had over 250+ in queue and it seems there was some kind of outage, but I bet most calls were being routed to our center. I couldn't believe my eyes at that... *grumbles* No use in really whining about it... I just gotta take calls one at a time and all that... Speaking on work though... I’ll be starting my new schedule this Sunday with weekends off. working 12pm - 8:30pm most days, and working 39.5hrs a week... :/ Lame, but hey at least I'm not working mandatory OT like the full time people... I like having a life thank you.

In other news… today is also my last day of taking the steroid drops for my left eye. Since I got off @ 4:30 yesterday I hung out with Storm for a while. He was nice enough to offer to pick me up at my apartment after me helping drive him home a few times. We had a few hours before our usual Friday night D&D gaming session so we went to a mall and tried going to a gaming store that I bought some dice at a number of months back and turns out the store wasn't there anymore and closed. :( Quite lame, but at least I knew the direction of the store and where it SHOULD have been. *shrugs* I guess I'll have to find another store to pick up dice and stuff.

Gaming last night was pretty fun, nothing out of the ordinary, though the fluff was getting over being sick from getting con crud from A-kon. Other stuff I've paid off the LASIK surgery and after today I can start swimming! I've also been putting together a project with my brother for another fursuit that is going to be "just for fun" with a group called the [ profile] drinkfoxes... ;) Will have to see what comes about with this as I've been working with [ profile] joecifur on this...

So that's kinda what's been up. I've also been kinda wondering about some friends of mine as I haven't heard from a few in quite a while... Hope things are going ok.
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( May. 23rd, 2008 03:09 pm)
I have my schedule for next week. I work through Sunday and then am off the entire next week! ^_^ Monday is a holiday here and I'll finally be able to go to Scarborough Faire! I haven't been able to go this entire season unlike some friends of mine who go almost every weekend. I'll be sporting a new costume, just will be missing a couple pieces to make the look "perfect". Then after that will be continuing practicing music till this weekend for the anime convention I mentioned earlier and posted a pic of one of the costumes I'll be going there in.

I just got my new schedule that starts the second week of June (June 8th) and goes through August (that is unless I find another job in the meantime). I'm going to re-double my efforts into trying to find another job inside or outside my current place of work.

  • Sunday: OFF

  • Monday: 12:00pm - 8:30pm

  • Tuesday: 12:00pm - 8:30pm

  • Wednesday: 12:00pm - 8:30pm

  • Thursday: 12:00pm - 8:30pm

  • Friday: 12:00pm - 8:00pm

  • Saturday: OFF
I'm happy about the weekends off, I just do not like working 39.5 hours per week and I'm supposed to be part time. Granted I switched to part time for going back to school, but since I graduated the scheduling people have really just started "raping" the crap out of the part time people. I have stayed part time as working 32+ hours a week has been more than enough for me and I have still gotten benefits. I don't like working this many hours, but in truth it is just about full time and a good thing is that they can't work me mandatory overtime (they tried today but I got that fixed). They just have me working the max I can before I'm considered "full time". I'd prefer a 10am shift, but this is what I got and it's the best of the 3 part time shifts they had available. I at least get weekends off which I haven't had in forever... I'm gonna also have to change my workout schedule and work out later on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, or possibly workout before heading to work...

So hope to see whoever at A-Kon if you go to anime conventions and hope everyone at RMFC, and RCFM are having a blast!
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( Apr. 10th, 2008 11:13 am)
Not sure on some things, but here is at least one more public post before I put things "friends only" and possibly take a hiatus for a while...

I'm gonna be part of the Fursuit Tournament this year... Starting today or this afternoon they will be putting up the vote. A friend of mine [ profile] darkentiger entered me into this thing and I was actually quite flattered by it. I hope to do well, but then again I wasn't sure if I should remove myself from this tournament like another friend of mine did... I decided "what the heck" and see what happens. I am not gonna let this tournament though soil my feelings as if I don't do well... It doesn't really matter... I know who I am, and who my friends are. Those kinds of things won't change at all.

In any case I have an interview later today and will see what this 6m corporation has in the way of marketing positions. I also mailed back some pants I got in from ebay that didn't fit, took my roomie to to a toyota dealership, and deposited some money into an IRA of mine for the 2007 tax year. I didn't deposit a LOT because I will be getting LASIK right soon here... I was gonna see if I could get it on Monday 4/21, but not able to... Ah well... I also recently as of Tuesday had a good long talk with someone very dear to me. I rearranged the errands I was going to run that day, so as not to be busy, because that person is important to me. All in all had a good talk over many things... Still wishing things were "better", aired a number of things, got a number of things off my chest... I think we came to few new understandings on things, but will have to see what happens.

Last night had [ profile] celyddon over and did have at least one good trial spinning with fire, though the weather was against us. I'm still trying to learn new moves and will focus on that and some with some music. I recently picked up a duffel bag and lots of stuff necessary for spinning fire, including: water bottle - to spray hair, a blanket/towel, fuel, a can to soak the poi with fuel, and a funnel for getting fuel back into the can that is unused. I may invest in other things, but currently waiting for my new poi to arrive. I think I also need to get with flowtoys to get some new lights from them and see about selling some of my glow stuff.

I know I haven't been online much and want to say to everyone I've been busy... Just dealing with a lot of things. Some may already know what with, but a lot of things have been actually trying to find a job and I have one interview with a corporation 6M that I put in a resume with so wish me luck there. :)
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( Feb. 14th, 2008 04:13 pm)
Today I definitely shocked all my co-worker friends! *snickers* I made sure to take the time and styled my hair properly unlike yesterday when I went to visit Amberlee over at her arpartment. Yesterday did some laundry and hung out with them... But back to what has been going on today...

People at work have been shocked, and everyone here has actually rather liked the new style. They were actually more noticing the nice business attire I was wearing and semi noticed the hairstyle change afterwards. I've loved many of their reactions though... ;)

*grins and chuckles... "evily" *

It has been great just to see how people were amazed at the total change of look, though I've not been the only person to do something drastic like this. Another friend lopped off his hair here at work and I've known the guy for over 3yrs... :P Just unfortunately another older gentleman here may not be happy with me, who is a sterotypical "hippie" guy... Awesome guy, I hope to keep in touch as may see about going through him for a wolf/dog hybrid later in life...

Oh and again Happy Valentine's Day to people, to those who celebrate it or not. All it is, is just a posterboard/greeting card holiday anyway. In truth, all it is, is just another day of the week. If one wants to really celebrate being with their loved one they really don't need a certain "day" to do it, but that's my opinion. Showing someone they are loved in little ways each and every day if always something in my opinion, showing the person that they are important to you, even something as small as just communicating, but then again what do I know? :> *chuckles*
Well I know I've been saying this for a while and I'm singing the same work tune. I just got my schedule for next week after I graduate and I was clearly hoping for too much that I might actually be able to pick a schedule of some sort or even fathom thinking that I might get a decent schedule. *growls* I'm just really pissed off right now as for easily the next month it looks like not only do I most likely get screwed out of most social venues... I only have 2 days off now instead of 3 and working 36hrs. instead of 32. I mean I liked when I was first part time and wasn't working 32hrs. a week... 32hrs. I didn't mind wiht having 3 days off. I don't need all these hours they're tacking on... I liked having my three days off... *grumbles* Now I also can't work out with my room mate and whatnot and this is gonna throw off my workout routine... *shakes his head and grumbles*

Here is my schedule:

  • Sunday: 2:00pm - 10:30pm

  • Monday: 2:00pm - 10:30pm

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: OFF

  • Thursday: 2:00pm - 6:00pm

  • Friday: 2:00pm - 10:30pm

  • Saturday: 2:00pm - 10:30pm
They have this lovely phrase at work "Needs of the business" that they think is the "end all be all" phrase that gives them the right to give out tons of OT to everyone that is full time and stuff like that. That this justifies screwing over the employees as the morale here is already low and next year some changes are going to be made to the attendance policy that are going to make things real 'interesting'.

Well this is more incentive to go elsewhere as so many people at my current job are not happy and wanting to find better elsewhere. I wish them well and I am gonna start looking and everything right now.
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( Jul. 23rd, 2007 07:27 am)
This weekend was definitely jam packed. Friday had Amberlee over and we enjoyed hanging out before gaming at [ profile] savrin & Dylan's place. Gaming commenced earlier than usual due to Guardian's work schedule for the week. We didn't wake him when we left as to allow him to sleep as long as needed. On the way there to gaming we stopped at WalMart to pick up a folder to hold my character sheet and picked up food. Gaming went fine and was most enjoyable. It seems some of the influence for our dungeon runs is WoW! :P *chuckles* Lots of hacking and slashing commenced and we all did gain a level. I'm still trying to think of the best route to take my DuskBlade... Not sure how to build him up or if I should do any prestige classes. I've been out of D&D so long that I'm not exactly as up-to-date and all to really know where to take this class or how to empower it and make it better. *shrugs* I'll gain one more level and get to 7 at least before deciding as I want to get heavy shield proficiency with no spell failure. Did hang out with [ profile] teirandragon after gaming as he was up late from picking up the last Harry Potter book. Was good just talking with him and was going over D&D stuffs.

Saturday woke up later than expected and went out to Ft. Worth to the zoo to hang with friends. I only got there an hour later than expected though hated the traffic that was being caused trying to get into the zoo. *growls* Other than that was good except for inside the zoo there was no water and the only place to eat that had water was Grandy's. Saw a number of exhibits including the new "Arachnatopia" one. I didn't get to see the whole zoo like everyone, but that wasn't the reason I went. I wanted to be around friends. We went to Ihop after the zoo which was fun. We all went our separate ways after that.

Sunday I wasn't up to much really. Went to my aunt & uncle's to take care of their cats. I did hang out with [ profile] stargazer79, ate at On the Border. Then went to Circuit City and Target before heading back to my apartment. The fox showed off his new gun. I showed him some of the fun little extras that I've unlocked in Resident Evil 4. He especially liked the "Chicago Typewriter" (aka. the Tommy Gun). It got around 9pmish and he left back for his place and I went to bed semi shortly after that.

All in all was a good weekend. Only a few more days left till teeth pulling... :/

    Hey anyone know the website address for the guy taking professional photos at AC?
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( Apr. 15th, 2007 04:17 pm)
Well my older brother's birthday is today but my family celebrated it last night. After work I went home, picked up my twin and headed to my parent's. We had an awesome dinner and watched the new James Bond movie Casino Royale. We gave our older brother a very cool and funny card and before going home I did show off my new glowy toys. Everyone was pretty impressed including my older brother. ^_^ He can at times be hard to impress so I'm happy there. I do want to learn more tricks though and continue with this hobby. It's good aerobic exercise on top of just being fun.

Today been waiting for some class mates to get back with me via e-mail to work on and finish up a presentation that is due on Tuesday. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow as I work a 10hr. Day... I have my schedule for the week after this.

School is almost over for this semester... I'm gonna get with an academic advisor and work on getting things to finish next semester. I may see about possibly taking a course or two over the summer I don't know. If I stay with my current job I'm not going to go back to full time status any time soon though.

Still annoyed with some online stuff and whatnot but *shrugs* eh... Not gonna let that bog me down.
I know I should be like ecstatic for joy and truthfully I have been in a fairly good mood for the most part... It’s just been here and there been having some down times, feeling a bit out of it. I sometimes really hate how people act online, but that's beside the point. :/ Sometimes you get to know someone face-to-face and then they just do a complete 180 with how they are online… Friendship and relationships are very important to me. Some people though, things like friendships and closeness seem to come off as something that is not important to them. To your face in person this doesn’t seem the case, but online they act different… :/ This has happened VERY rarely to me and for that I am happy. I put a lot of effort into all my friendships and those I get close to. I am a very caring person, sometimes overly so… I try my hardest, though at times I know I’m not the bet, I’m not perfect, but… I try…

I know I am not able to change someone else, if they want to change it will need to be something they do on their own. I wish I could change things for the better, but am only limited to what “I” can change within my own limits for myself. *sighs* You can only change yourself, you can't change others. Sometimes here and there I’ve not been the most “optimistic” especially when dealing with emotional issues. I’ve been burned so many times that I find it hard to look on the “bright side”. Some I’m a little jaded, and a little bitter. I’ve wised up though…

I’m just very thankful right now for my friends… I have at least that kind of closeness as right now I’m still just going with on one of my previous entries not sure and not really feeling up for anything relationship wise.

Well enough on depressing stuffs as some of that was dealing someone very close to me…

In other news things are just fine. Schoolwork wise I was a little on the unsure side with one class of mine, my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) class, but it looks like we’re pulling things together and getting things worked though. During my 3hr break on Thursday from my 2pm class till my 5pm class was with my class for Marketing Management getting things setup for the power point presentation.

Oh yea on the winning thing… In my CRM class we recently had a guest speaker from American Airlines and thanks to my trusty laptop in class I was able to find information on the little “quiz” we took at the beginning of the presentation. The quiz was dealing with things about the history of AA and some of it was dealing with financial information like from 2006 that I got on the internet. What I won was a free round trip to anywhere in the US. ^_^ I’m like ecstatic on that as I usually never win anything big like that. So that means free trip to AC, or MFF.

I also recently received in the mail my 2GB SD card for my camera and some other stuff which is cool. I’m still waiting on a replacement battery door for my phone though. I will need to leave some positive feedback.

Ok enough rambling. Later folks!

[ profile] aerofox!!!

Hope you have a fun one bud... after you catch your breath. ^_^
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( Apr. 9th, 2007 10:23 am)
Well I was finally given a schedule for this week today. I came in at 9am which strangely was the time on the schedule I was "actually" scheduled. I got my schedule edited. The one good thing is that all day I get time & a half for not having 36hrs. prior notice. They were trying to have me work till 5:30pm, but was able to get off at 2:30.
    4/8 - 4/14
  • Sunday: OFF

  • Monday: 9:00am - 2:30pm (2 - 15min. breaks)

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: 8:30am - 5:00pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Saturday: 8:30am - 5:00pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

    4/15 - 4/21
  • Sunday: 10:00am - 6:30pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Monday: 10:00am - 8:30pm (10hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch [2hrs. added at end of shift])

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: OFF

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: 2:00pm - 10:30pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Saturday: 2:00pm - 10:30pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)
I'm liking this as I am getting 3 days off scheduled which is cool as I've never had that unless RMG screwed up on my schedule. Hopefully I won't have to worry schedule wise again, but I was sorely tempted not to say anything to anyone and just not work this week... :P Oh and I had [ profile] stargazer79 over last night and we were going over designs for my new fursuit that I've already put down a deposit for with [ profile] latinvixen02. She needs concept art and have been trying to get another friend of mine Paula ([ profile] fightbite) to help but haven't heard back much from her, so making sure I have alternate help.

Other than that hope things have been going well for everyone.
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( Mar. 29th, 2007 01:15 pm)
I just want to thank you all for your support, advice, caring, and everything... I'm sorry about the last post I was just kinda getting things off my chest. I'm a lot better. I'm not really down or totally depressed, though another friend of mine seems to be very down in the dumps. I'm not going to name names, but I was trying to help lift his spirits. He's been very down and depressed. Dealing with many things that I am not going into. *sighs* I really wish he wasn't thinking so negatively. I understand being alone and all, but I guess I've gotten past the co-dependency phase of things. Per my previous post yea I've been dealing a number of things. I'm very worried about my friend, though feel very helpless as there really isn't much that I can do to help. :/ My thoughts are with him though and hoping that things look up for him. *sighs*

School's been ok for the most part, just been dealing with some group stuff. My CRM class (Customer Relationship Management) has been one of the classes I'm most worried about. I hope to make a B in all my classes, and a few A's. I am really hoping not to make any C's, but my CRM class is the only class I'm a little worried on. I feel we can turn things around though with it.

I can't wait for this semester to be over... I'm still contemplating staying at my current job and sticking with remaining completely part time or what I should do as with wanting to go to AC getting a new job now and other things may impact vacation time and whatnot... *grumbles* Lotsa decisions...
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( Mar. 23rd, 2007 11:20 am)
I know I haven't posted in a few days. I've just been kinda not really much for online and whatnot. This week is spring break and I've been relaxing. :P Work wise on Monday I unfortunately set my alarm for the wrong time and did not get up in time for work so I called in sick. Tuesday after the regular meet at [ profile] teirandragon & [ profile] fuzzwolf's I thought I went to bed just fine at an hour I have usually gone to bed but slept through one alarm and woke up @ 7:00am and know I couldn't have gotten into work by 7:15am. So I just called in sick again. :/ Much as I hated doing it. *grumbles* I spent the time though relaxing and whatnot. I came in today just fine, was up till my usual time last night and didn't sleep through an alarm. *shrugs* The way the attendance policy goes at my workplace even if I had gone into work if I'm tardy I get what is called an "occurrence". Doesn't matter if I show up to work or not so I decided as I stated before might as well not go in. Since it was all part of being "sick" it's just 1 occurrence and will roll off next year. Though I may not be here next year so I'm not going to worry too much.
    3/25 - 3/31
  • Sunday: 9:30am – 8:00pm (10hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Monday: 7:15am – 1:15pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Tuesday:

  • Wednesday: 7:15am – 1:15pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Thursday:

  • Friday: 7:15am – 1:15pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Saturday: 9:00am – 5:30pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)
    4/1 - 4/7
  • Sunday: 9:30am – 6:00pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Monday: 7:15am – 1:15pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Tuesday:

  • Wednesday: 7:15am – 1:15pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Thursday:

  • Friday: 7:15am – 1:15pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Saturday: 9:00am – 5:30pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)
All in all I've been having a good spring break. :)

Oh and new ICON!!!
Well yesterday I actually took the midterm during the day and after the test I spent lunch with some school friends of mine from school at an oriental place called the Oriental Garden that is right off campus. One of my friends is in my 5pm class and was just giving me his assignment as he didn’t want to be there today since our spring break is this coming week and he wanted to start it early. After school though, ate Thai food with my brother and roomie and did pick up Wii Play as well as Casino Royale. The great food and mood of yesterday was destroyed by things today though... Work does it again!!!. :/ *grumbles*

Work’s getting annoying yet again… I have next week’s schedule and have been going round and round with the new lady doing schedules and I’m being worked 39hrs. Next week. The legal “maximum” they can work me is right at that but I told them from the beginning that this had better not be a regular thing. Hell recently I had a 38hr. schedule and whatnot… I thought we were getting in more regular hires and the overtime situation for our full time people would go down, but nothing ever seems to go that way. I really don’t want to quit… I’m gonna try my best and stick it out till the end of this semester, but I hate having to battle with the schedulers… I shouldn’t have to…

Here is my tentative schedule for next week, though I hope to get it changed here real soon.

  • Sunday: 2:00pm – 10:30 (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Monday: 6:45am – 3:15pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: 7:15am – 12:15pm (1 - 30min. break)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: 7:15am – 1:15pm (1 - 30min. break)

  • Saturday: 9:00am – 5:30pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

This schedule is absolutely ludicrous… I’ve never had one this horrible. It’s “technically” not 40hrs. only because they subtracted lunch from Wednesday/Friday. They’re also trying to have me work 2hrs. OT this Saturday and didn’t give me 36hrs. Notice and I’m making sure I have stuff planned after 5:30 or just going to make sure I get off at that time… I’m not gonna do anything helpful for this company as they continually seem to try to screw me over schedule wise. *grumbles* Just a little longer and some more part timers will be on the floor, but this is still ridiculous.
    EDIT: I got my schedule fixed and not working 39 hours, but man it was almost like pulling teeth. That and here at work they're wanting us to try to sell services as well as do tech support...
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( Mar. 14th, 2007 11:30 am)
Well I bought more games for my Wii, but what I really want is Wii Play to get an extra wiimote, but seems that game is as scarce as getting a system. Heck just buying a wiimote by itself is not an easy task as they are hard to find too. I personally feel Sony is going to be the one to fail here in this console ware as no one can seem to keep enough Wii's in stock and stuff. So now I have a decent amount of games, though I do plan on getting a couple games just for parties like Rayman, and Wario, but since I've played both those before over at other's places I haven't picked them up. I'm gonna wait for the price to go down.

I think I did fine on my midterm yesterday and I'm taking another midterm today after work with my group for a different class. I'm also going to be creating a power point presentation for the class that I just had my midterm in yesterday. Got a few things to do after work today. Once I'm done I got something for my Professional Development class that is easy but wanna get this taken care of first.

Other than that? *shrugs* Nothing much... I haven't been online much. I've just kinda been avoidant of online. I've also just been busy with school. Hell Monday night I pulled almost an all nighter studying and working on my CRM group project. I dun wanna pull one of those again very soon. I got a decent amount of sleep last night though. I may not be able to work out today, but school is more important than one workout.

Well enough of my fingers flapping... Talk at you all laters.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2007 07:05 pm)
I didn't know about a movie meet for this weekend and didn't plan on going. Today I was given off from work and truth be told I'm getting very annoyed at the place. I personally think I'm going to wait till after this semester and then I'm going to quit. They've paid for this semester so I want to stay at least that long. I want to then find just a part time job and deal with less stress. I don't care if I can't go back to Verizon I really want my life back. I've worked full time and gone to school and whatnot, but this job really does take the cake. It used to be so much better when I first started. They're so badly micromanaging things it isn't even funny. I don't know where I'll go from here but after getting my degree it'll be much better I hope anyway.

Still been dealing with some stuff... *sighs* I really wonder at times about myself. What kind of person I am, where I want to be, who I want to be with and all that jazz. I'm just very unsure of things...

Enough silliness... Here is my schedule for next week.
    3/4 - 3/10
  • Sunday: 9:00am - 5:30pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)

  • Monday: 7:15am - 1:15pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: 7:15am - 1:15pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: 7:15am - 5:45pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch) + 2hrs. OT 10hr. day

  • Saturday: 7:15am - 3:45pm (Full 8hr. day 2brks. & 30min. lunch)
    EDIT: P.S. They added 2hrs onto my Friday... I'm still "legally" under the limit for part time. I'm workin 38hrs. this week... The legal maximum here in Texas they can work me is 39.5 hours. I wonder if there is anything I can do to say... "Hey I can't work over this many hours" or something like that... *grumbles* I'm thinking highly though on leaving after this semester as there are some other stupid things that this job is doing... They are so micromanaging the hell out of the workers and the morale of all the employees is going down the toilet.
Oh and here is a little treat behind a cut. Read more... )
Well well well... RMG has done it again! This time it is totally in my favor though which is almost unheard of. At the moment I'm currently off all of next week! *chuckles* I know this was most likely a mistake but still as of today when I look at next week's schedule I don't have one. So even if they do try to schedule me for Sunday I can dispute it and not work because they didn't give me 36hr. notice ahead of time. I already asked for Monday off in our system for requesting days off for vacation. So as it stands currently I don't work next week which is cool. I won't have to waste a day of vacation either. :P I expect them to call me and if they don't... This is not my mess and I'm not going to try to clean up after them.
    2/18 - 2/24
  • Sunday: OFF

  • Monday: OFF

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: 7:30am - 12:00pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: 7:00am - 12:00pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Saturday: 9:15am - 3:15pm (1 - 15min. break)
Gonna head off after work today and meet with my parent's for a pre-bday dinner which will be nice. I also plan on meeting up with my friend Eric for a showing of Ghost Rider at 9:50. I'll definitely take tomorrow easy as I don't work. :)
    EDIT: I finally got with RMG and now I don't have to worry... I do have hours next week, which isn't so bad. I did pull my right on the 36hr. notice so I have Sunday off as well. ^_^ Booyah!!! They did try to have me working on my Birthday... I could've worked the 8:15am - 1pm, but didn't feel like it as I had already asked for that day off WAY in advance.
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( Feb. 10th, 2007 10:01 am)
Here is my schedule for next week. I preferred the hours of this week's, but coming in early isn't a bad thing. It means I get to leave early. Looks like I'm only working 24.25hrs. I think last week I was working 25. So far so good. I do hope they don't as I said constantly work me 39.5hrs.

My new phone is real cool and all, but it is not working in many areas my previous phone works. [ profile] tikaani was right about the quad band phones as it looks like cellular here in the US like using lower band frequencies kinda like AM radio as it broadcasts further. The higher bands are for higher traffic like data transfer and other things. I may keep my Motorola RAZR on me for areas that I get poor signal. Well back to my original reason for posting...
    2/11 - 2/17
  • Sunday: 8:00am - 12:00pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Monday: 8:15am - 1:00pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: 7:30am - 12:00pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: 7:00am - 12:00pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Saturday: 9:15am - 3:15pm (1 - 15min. break)
Not a bad schedule really, though being part time they are putting me in where they see they need me or where the heaviest call volumes come in. They are also implementing the new scheduling system across the floor next week so hopefully my schedule should get more stable as well.

So hopefully will be able to meet up with people when I'm not at work. The main reason I post my schedule here to my lj is so that I don't have to take a piece of paper home, and to let my friends know what my schedule is so that we can plan to meet up around my schedule.
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( Feb. 3rd, 2007 10:14 am)
All I have to say is... FINALLY!!! *sighs a little with relief* The other good thing is that it also looks like at leat for this first week they aren't trying to screw me over and give me 39.5 hours as that is "legally" the max a part timer can work. Truthfully even if the do schedule me that I'd be ok as I've worked full time and gone to school, but really want the part time with the group projects I'm having to do.

Without furhter ado... My part time schedule.
    2/4 - 2/10
  • Sunday: 10:00am - 3:00pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Monday: 9:00am - 2:00pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: 5:00pm - 9:15pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: 5:00pm - 9:15pm (1 - 15min. break)

  • Saturday: 9:15am - 1:15pm (1 - 15min. break)
I'm liking the less hours most definitely and coming in @ 5pm isn't a bad thing persay lets me take care of stuff early in the day which is fine.

I'm still writing up my FC post so pleae bear with me... I'm trying to put in every detail that I can remember. :P It's gonna be a decent read and stuff. I'm done with Thursday - Saturday. Trying to write up Sunday and Monday...

    EDIT: My black Motorola RAZR has been acting funny when I close it and turning off for no reason. I've been getting a bit annoyed. So I decided to get me a new phone! I can't wait for this baby to arrive!!! ^_^
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( Jan. 29th, 2007 03:25 pm)
Man... I have really been hating how much I've been having to get on people's @$$es on going to part time status. I know all my friends are telling me just to "get the heck out of dodge" but I guess I'm a bit of a glutton for punishment and should just do that. Today finally one of the managers got HR back and I spoke with them and sent off a form. The part time will go into effect next week for 2/4/07 and I will see a change in my schedule to reflect that accordingly. This week though looks like I'm still a bit hosed which rather sucks. *grumbles* I'm willing to stick this out just a wee bit longer as I found out that if I were to just up and quit through Verizon's HR it is very hard to get re-hired back into the company and after obtaining my degree I was actually looking partly at trying to come back.

So I'll stick this week out, see what next week's schedule will be like and the week after that's schedule. If nothing else I still have the option of the "Educational Leave of Absence" that I am highly considering... It is so VERY very tempted just to do that and not even bother with going part time... *hruffs*

Well people have really atm been bending over backwards for this and I am going to at least try to make a go of it, but as I said if all else fails I still have my last trump card.
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( Jan. 27th, 2007 01:57 pm)
I'm still writing up my HUGE con report... Till then though here is my schedule for the next two weeks. They have my days off proper, but if they continue to do the hours like this I'm definitely going to fight this tooth and nail as I should be part time and not be working this many hours. *grumbles*
    1/28 - 2/3
  • Sunday: 7:00am - 3:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0hr. OT)

  • Monday: 7:00am - 3:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0hr. OT)

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: 7:00am - 3:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0hr. OT)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: 7:00am - 3:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0hr. OT)

  • Saturday: 6:00am - 4:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)

    2/4 - 2/10
  • Sunday: 6:00am - 4:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)

  • Monday: 6:00am - 4:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)

  • Tuesday: OFF

  • Wednesday: 7:00am - 3:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0hr. OT)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday:6:00am - 4:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)

  • Saturday: 6:00am - 4:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)
So far I am not impressed and if I have to continually battle and get on RMG's case I may as well take the "leave of absence" or something like that and may look into possibly getting a job with citi where [ profile] fuzzwolf was showing they may have openings. They understaffed today and we've been so busy as hell... *growls* I hate RMG...
    P.s.: I post my schedule to this journal for a few reasons.
  • 1. So I don't have to bring a printed piece of paper home with me.

  • 2. So my friends know my schedule so we can plan stuff around when I work
No I'm not 'that important'... *gruffs* Man... the nerve of some people.
Well today getting to work was very perilous I must say... The roads got a little icy and definitely made for a hard trek to work. I made it in safe, but only 3min before I had to sign in. It was quite a slow go, but I made sure to be quite careful. There was one point on a bridge I was goin 40 and slide just a little... I made sure to kick it down a notch and hey I made it to work just fine. It looks like 35 people haven't shown because of the weather which is going to make today a royal pain, but at least today is the only day I work… I will be going to school tomorrow and hopefully the roads will be fine. I will be heading in early though so I can buy a parking pass and get books and stuff. I also need to e-mail all my instructors about this Thursday and going to be out of town.

Oh yea… I’m not sure if Verizon here is really trying to piss me off or what as the last week of January’s schedule and first week of February is all f’ed up… *growls* I have Tues/Wed off and looks like I’m still in full time status. This is not going to do and if this is what I have to put up with I will take that leave of absence and tell Verizon where to stick it… I can deal with coming into work @ 6am, and stuff, but I HAVE to have the days off and am not going to work the f’n overtime, not any more… School is more important to me than this freaking job.

One other note… Last night after getting back I didn’t really sleep so well… I was up late-ish again when I really shouldn’t have been. I was on the phone for quite a while with [ profile] hydra_velsen who it seems on 1/7/07 didn’t even shed a tear when he broke up with me and has tried crawling back to me once again. The only person really atm that I would even consider I know is already out of reach and that was my own doing and I am still hurting so deep inside... I can't describe it. We talked extensively and I definitely gave him a piece of my mind… *sighs and lowers his head* I don’t want to go into things right now on that but just mentioning what’s been up here... I'm still moving on with my life, and whatnot.

I so badly can’t wait to get off work atm as it has been so freaking busy. I also am in a big rush now for school and getting ready for FC.

Current Schedules after FC behind the cut, as well as some lyrics as well.
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We'll have to see if they get their ducks in a row, because I don't want to have to constantly keep a watch over their shoulders to make sure they schedule me correctly.
*chuckles* Interestingly enough that is what my friend [ profile] teirandragon stated to me during our usual Tuesday night meets over at his and [ profile] fuzzwolf's place just this past Tuesday. Making an analogy of my life. I've never watched much of the show, but from his description of me and my life being a little like Ross... Well... *shrugs and chuckles* He can have his opinion, though it is funny which is why I felt like mentioning it here. He and I talked a nice bit away from the regular goings on as we tend to here and there. Though at times he likes to play his online MMORPG crack (City of Heroes/Villans & World of Warcraft), and was just talking to him some while he was gaming. The meet was nice and all and even [ profile] loiosh_de_talto was there which was a nice suprise as the last I saw him at one of those meets was a while back, though he was at the NYE party. It was a lot of fun, though I think my brother probably has already started college and that was why he wasn't able to come. I'm gonna be posting my school schedule and today am going to be on my first break trying to get that all sorted and the Letter of Credit issue with the Verison Tuition Assistance Program.

Yesterday talked some with one of my managers and also the head over scheduling and things look to be pretty good. I'm gonna be switching to part time and there is going to be a change in my benefits unfortunately, but that is a small price to pay. Heck I'd be willing to pay for my benefits as currently they've been "free" as in since starting I've never had any deductions out of my paycheck for health, vision, or dental insurance. So technically that has been almost like a pay bonus in and of itself working here with Verizon. Now on to the part time thing... It looks like by April they will be offering other part time positions so I won't be the only one and the good thing is that I'll be the highest seniority person in that pool of schedules so I should get my days off... Now my hours on the other days is what I'm worried about, but I gotta take the good with the bad. *shrugs* Nothing much I can do there.

I'm not happy with coming in today @ 7:30am and getting off @ 6pm. These 10hr. days at least are going to stop soon and will be dealing with college and stuff. Once I get off work today though it'll be off to Scuba Toys for a dive hood before I get home... I also bought some new slip on shoes and some spray-in conditioner from Aussie as with long hair and the fursuit I found that others with long hair use spray conditioner so that's what I'll need. I also recently received in the mail a new G-Shock watch as my previous one got busted when I was in Virginia last October, and stolen while at work... I'm currently waiting for some sock poi I bought off E-Bay and some glowing sock poi from Home of Poi, and glowsticks from
This post is going to be long, but I'm going to put my work schedule (As I have like 3 weeks of schedules) and some song lyrics behind cuts.

This weekend definitely wasn't one of the best. It started out nice as I went home to visit family on Sunday and get to be with my younger brother who got back from Iraq. I also got to meet his fiancee. Got to spend time with other family members like my Aunt & Uncle from my mom's side, My grandmother, another Uncle, and cousins. Had a blast. I drove down with my brother as we usually carpool to my parent's, but on the way back I had an extra passenger, one of my cousins as she lives real close to me and she wanted to stay and visit longer as she drove down with my aunt & uncle... I took her back and stayed for a little dinner, and Sunday night was when things happened and the breakup with me and [ profile] hydra_velsen. I'm glad Rick was home... He and I stayed up a nice bit and talked for quite a while... I really needed it, needed someone there for me. My brother had to go to bed as he works fairly early in the morning, and with when it first happened around 11pm it wasn't like I could really go anywhere or be with friends. I was also up till like 5am that night... :/ *groans* I haven't been sleeping well since around Christmas time.

Monday... I was feeling a bit better from last night. I'm still not totally 100%, but hey this time around I wasn't as devastated. I was kinda prepared for this, and had been for a little while. It still doesn't change the fact how much things hurt. I spent some of the morning talking with a few people online. Some on SL... I really should pay more attention to the MUCKS again I used to be on them and stuff more often. Amberlee offered to come over and the company was definitely appreciated some. Wish I could've had a few people over, but eh... No biggie. I showed her how much I had been practicing, as with last night before Rick got home I was out in the cold and needed to do something... *shrugs* She was fairly impressed with how quickly in general I've been learning these poi spinning tricks. Later on though, my brother also came over, and we all had some pizza and watched Ice Age: The Meltdown, and then when Rick got home I just wasn't in the mood to kick everyone out and go work out so we all watched another movie, Aeon Flux. Talked a nice while and then eventually had to tell people to GTFO (get the f@*k out). I eventually got some sleep. Still haven't been sleeping the best. That will pass and things are going to get better. I'm not going to let this get me down. Still unsure of a few things though... Questioning if I want to be in a relationship again and other things... *shrugs* Meh, just gona live life as it comes and stuff.

Today's been "so-so" at work... though here is my tenative schedule for the upcoming weeks... I so can't wait for FC though...
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Here are some other lyrics that I have posted to this journal before, about a year ago, but are still fitting some...
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Well I looked at college and scheduling and looks like I can consolidate all my classes for Tuesday/Thursday for this semester. I am going to talk once again with the manager over RMG and scheduling and see about dropping to part time and what can be done about the overtime situation. I may be working a lot of 6pm - 10pm shifts, or they would stick me in "where they need me" which would be annoying, but as long as I get Tuesday/Thursday off and am working less than I am right now that would be fine and I would keep my tenure with Verizon. I know people are wanting me to just up and quit, and if things don't go right I definitely will. I just would like to keep a very good paying job, drop my hours and still go to school.

RMG has done it once again though in screwing up schedules... This week my schedule is as follows.

  • Thursday: 3:00pm - 1:30am (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)

  • Friday: OFF

  • Saturday: 9:15am - 7:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)
I am also thinking of going to the "doctor" and getting a "doctor's note" to see about getting out of mandatory OT as I know others have for some medical reasons, and others I think not so... I will see how a couple weeks of part time go, especially after FC and then if needs be will quit, but I may quit sooner depending on things after getting with the manager over RMG here.
Well I got my glowstick stuff and Things I ordered from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra site. I'm still waiting on some other stuff I ordered. The glowstick stuff is real cool and definitely need to practice lots more... I need to learn more tricks. I also need to take care of going to part time at my job and get back to school or quitting my job. I know all my friends are saying just quit and yes I do have savings to last me some to finish school, but *grumbles* I would like to keep a job and other stuff... Yea I've been looking over going part time here, and been looking at the possibility of working part time elsewhere not here at Verizon...

*sighs and shrugs* I'm badly chomping at the bit here and want to be finished... My parents are telling me not to drop this job yet and whatnot, but with everything else... I just am at my wits end.

Well in any case wishing all of you a very Happy New Year, and hoping that next year for me turns out better than this one.

I'm still trying to think of a few new year resolutions... I just haven't been in the best of sorts. At least one good thing is I don't go back to work till "next year"... *sighs*
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( Dec. 24th, 2006 10:35 am)
Meant to post this Friday during work, but never got around to it. Well it's time for the holidays after tonight. I will go home. Wrap up some gifts and try to find some small little trinkets for my mother, father, and grandmother. (They all want nothing, and I already donated to charities in each of their names as my mom said not give any gifts but give to charities). I just want to give something small. I got everything else and even presented my gifts to my roomies last night as I will be heading off either tonight or tomorrow for my parent's place for Christmas with my mother's side of the family and will have another one with my mom & dad Christmas Eve/Day.
    12/24 - 12/30
  • Sunday: Holiday

  • Monday: Holiday

  • Tuesday: 10:30am - 7:00pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0 OT!!!)

  • Wednesday: 10:15am - 6:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0 OT!!!)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: OFF

  • Saturday: 10:15am - 6:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0 OT!!!)
Hopefully this week the OT will stay off, but the following week I bet it will start up again... *crosses his fingers* Lets hope it doesn't.
    12/31 - 1/6/07
  • Sunday: OFF

  • Monday: Holiday

  • Tuesday: 8:45am - 5:15pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0 OT)

  • Wednesday: 10:15am - 6:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0 OT)

  • Thursday: 9:15am - 5:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0 OT)

  • Friday: OFF

  • Saturday: 10:15am - 6:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & 0 OT)
Unfortunately this year will definitely be scattered as my older brother won't be around, and my younger brother is part of the army and being moved to Alaska and out of harms way. In any case have a


Well I have to say the doctor knows best... I usually have never had to go to the doctor, like in over 10+yrs as I've had a way better than average immune system... Just the Mucinex couldn't cut it, and usually I've never had to take any medicine at all. After going to the doctor and for the first time ever using my health care benefits and prescription drug coverage. I do have to say... the stuff I was perscribed in like less than one day - 24hrs made my voice to where I can work today and from the way I look at it I should be 100% in like no time at all. I came into work today @ 7am which sucked... I see that I have a schedule for like at least 3weeks in advance, but I know that it is going to change... Hopefully next week's is set in stone, though I will see what I can do about the early morning 5:30am... I will either A get it changed, or B use a flex and come in later as I am NOT getting up THAT early...

Here is next week's schedule though...
    12/24 - 12/30
  • Sunday: OFF

  • Monday: OFF

  • Tuesday: 10:00am - 6:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & no OT!)

  • Wednesday: 10:15am - 6:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & no OT!)

  • Thursday: OFF

  • Friday: OFF

  • Saturday: 10:15am - 6:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & no OT!)
I expect there to be OT added at some point, but so far I'm fairly happy with this schedule... I have all the holiday off which is cool and get days off on top of that! ^_^ At least my seniority is helping now some in getting holidays off.

EDIT: Well I was able to get my schedule changed... I will look at the next few weeks with a grain of salt. I hope that we don't get OT, but knowing what all else happens here I am not going to keep my hopes up.
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( Dec. 15th, 2006 07:00 pm)
    12/17 - 12/23
  • Sunday: OFF

  • Monday: OFF

  • Tuesday: 7:00am - 5:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)

  • Wednesday: 6:30am - 4:30pm (1/2hr. lunch & 1.5hr. OT)

  • Thursday: 11:15am - 9:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)

  • Friday: 9:15am - 7:45pm (1/2hr. lunch & 2hr. OT)

  • Saturday: VHO (Vacation Day)
I'm very much not pleased with my schedule for Tuesday/Wednesday as I have never put in coming in that early and am hoping that I can get the schedule worked on or something... *grumbles* I am happy to be getting Sun/Mon off again but man... I want the overtime to stop... They keep on taking everything away from us... Hell I can't use firefox now which I preferred using here at work. *grumbles* Can't we have some reprieve for Christmas please?

I also need to look into going back to UNT this semester or going to an online university... I've just been so busy in general... This Monday I will be going to UNT and getting my transcript with letter grades instead of point values and stuff.
Sometimes I pride myself on being able to remember things, but for the past couple days and stuff I've just been quite scatterbrained. I think some of it definitely has to be some of the stress I've been under and whatnot... *sighs* I feel like the saying "If my head wasn't screwed on" :P *chuckles slightly*

I left my binder here at work as I've been trying to read and study between calls, emphasis on the word trying... We've still been quite busy which has been a pain and made it hard to do anything between calls as there isn't much time. If we stay in "call work" (so as to not take another call after a call ends) longer than 2minutes between calls we get people messaging us and other things of that nature to get out of call work to take another call. This job has slowly been degrading from really giving customers great service, to things almost like my previous job at Telvista. I'm not the only one who's talking like that... The whole floor's morale is in the pits and it seems no one really cares which is the sucky thing. I'm usually suppoed to be off Sun/Mon, and have to work straight through to Wednesday... :/

I've not been feeling the best in general and have been a little down witht hings outside of work... Some yea my voice and being a little "sickish", but I am not gonna go into great details. I try to keep my journal as drama free as possible. Don't worry it's nothing life threatening or whatnot...

In any case everyone have Happy Holidays and don't kill yourself with holiday shopping and stuff! (Oh and new lj icon!)

P.S. I also forgot to mention a happy b-day to my roomie Bob/Charger, we celebrated it on Friday as I got us both a nice dinner and we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (though if I had remembered my binder I would've been studying that night). :P
Well next week's schedules got changed... Suprise, suprise... *grumbles* We have 2hrs of OT every single day... One hour before shift and 1hr. after... So I'm at work every day 8:45am - 7:15pm. I'm also working like a total of 8days straight without a day off because of the days off change...*growls* We've been hiring like crazy and still not been able to get any kind of relief in the OT area... We've been going on mandatory OT for about 6months straight. The floor morale is so low, and I hear lots of muttering about people thinking about quitting. Hell I'm one of them. I'm wanting to go to part time so as to cut down on the number of hours I am here as I don't really "need" the money and have a whole lot saved...

I want to finish school. Yea Verizon is willing to pay for school, but without an actual schedule to go to school it's like an "indian gift"... Supervisors have been saying "well take online classes", and I have taken the only two that I can at UNT. I been given some options and have thought about taking classes at University of Phoenix, but another friend of mine is suggesting another online college, though they don't have a marketing degree... *sighs* I just want my batchelor's over and done with... Have one less thing hanging over me and holding me back.

I'm also trying to find some gift cards I purchased the other day and am having a hard time finding them... *grubmles* Well when I get home it's hunting time. :/

Oh yes and a very happy whelp day to [ profile] a_husky! :P Hope you have a fun one dawg. I also wish a belated b-day to [ profile] keihound! :)
Last night went out with a group of furs including [ profile] fuzzwolf, my brother, Guardian, Gwaland, Daiul, Amberlee, and a few others meeting up with a good friend that used to live here in Texas that was just in visiting. [ profile] spiketxtyger! :) It was good seeing that kitty, though the last time I saw him was at AC earlier this year and he had pink hair and he shaved all that... *chuckles* It was definitely a bit of a change not seeing him with pink hair. We ate at a Dickey's BBQ and enjoyed talking and socializing. It it sucks that he is not here in Texas, but *shrugs* Ah well cest la vie. As long as he is happy with where he is at now I think in North Carolina. He was in Washington for a bit, and also living in Florida.

Before we ate it started to rain so we ate inside, though after eating we all decided to go out to a movie. We decided to go see The Covenant. The movie wasn't all that bad, but neither was it all that great. Male witches with powers... The movie does have some neat special effects and may be a cult classic. I do have one word to describe it...

Globtastic! :P

Go see the movie and you'll see what I mean. *chuckles* It was a b movie at best and probably better to see on DVD and not needing to pay big bucks to see it on the big screen, but going out and being with friends was the main reason to see it and no real big blockbusters were out... After the movie just came home nothing all that spectacular. I can't wait for work to be over and go home... I'll need to kick my butt into gear and make sure to work on school stuff as I got my first exam for both my online classes coming up on 9/28.

I'm going to try to be better on updating my journal but no promises there.


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