I tried replacing the guitar and they wouldn't let me. They did the night before but I accidentally got the PS3 version. :/ It seems that the RockBand return policy is quite lame... Where even if you buy something from a store that you can't exchange something within like the first 30days. What if you wanted to completely return the equipment? I think I'm gonna tell Circuit City where they can shove it and just return the whole thing and get a new one.

I had Star-Gazer over last night as we kinda celebrated something having to deal with my current job... (more like to celebrate that things will soon be over when I find a new job) We even had Bob along and we all ate out at Romanno's. Had good food and I splurged a bit, but it was all good.

No idea what I'm gonna do for my "weekend" I have off the next two days... Well I do need to send a check or money order for something I bought on ebay, other than that... No real plans...
    EDIT: I just got in my last year work review and I was actually quite surprised by the feedback from my supervisor. It seems he does think quite highly of me, where some I was a bit afraid of my job which has been some of my main reason for trying to hard to find another job. Since I am now able to move about within the company I may also look at internal positions, but I'm still looking to get away from here, and possibly go with another company if a good opportunity arises.
All I have to say is that today was really one of the worst Sundays I've ever worked... I can't believe how many calls we had in que. I got in @ 6am and there were over 30 in que, and it didn't stop there... As the day got on before the 10:30am mark we had over 100 calls in que... I think it went as high as 130 at one point, possibly a bit more. It was just a pain... That is all I gotta say about that... I did go to visit my aunt & uncle's house to check up on their kitties. They're doing good and on the way home I stopped off to buy lemonade from some kids by the road selling lemonade and ice cream. Was good stuff, and hey, was good to give the lil' entrepreneurs some money. :P

Also recently went clubbing with my brother when [livejournal.com profile] a_husky was visiting in Texas. We went to S4, and also Sue Ellan's which was right next door to the club. It was awesome hanging with him, Lori (Ian), and some other girlfriend's of Lori's. :P I even danced some here and there and in S4 I span a little of my glowballs on an empty dance floor. I know some people watched and I impressed the girls that were with Lori. That was quite fun.

In other news... I recently had my fursuit repaired and went over some stuff with my brother for some designs for another suit idea of mine. :) So far things are well and I did laundry yesterday and gonna get packing for MFM.

Who all is going to MFM? (post comments please if you are and stuffs)


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